Bohua Academy of Chinese Musical Arts 


Sponsorship, Donation and Contribution  赞助




                         As a 501( C ) (3) non-profit organization, Bohua Academy is accepting donations and advertisements to support our cause.  Any amounts of contributions are welcome. Four levels of sponsorship are designed to publish the donors at Bo Hua’s web site and in printing materials. Your contribution will also help us to achieve our mission in promoting the brilliant Chinese musical and culture arts and enriching the multiple cultures to our communities. We appreciate you support.

Diamond Plus (钻石级) $2000 or more

Platinum Plus(白金级) $1000 or more

Gold (黄金级) $500 or more

Silver (白银级)$200 or more

             Matching Gifts and/or Corporate Sponsorship: Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Many of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar and some even more! Investigate your company’s policies! Our corporate sponsors with matching gift program include:









Please contact 858-859-1235 or for more information.

有意赞助本次音乐会的个人、团体, 商家敬请与我们电话联系(858-859-1235)或 Email


2016 Bohua 10th Anniversary Concert Sponsors 博华十年音乐会赞助

Diamond Plus (钻石级) $2000 or more

Platinum Plus(白金级) $1000 or more

· Mr. Wu Xing Zhang and Ms. Jin Ping Duan 张五星,段金平伉俪

Gold (黄金级) $500 or more

· Mr. Hai Ming Zhang and Ms. Li Cai 张海明,蔡丽伉俪

· Mr. XinBin Li and Ms. LInli Zhou 李新兵,周林利伉俪

Silver (白银级)$200 or more

· San Diego Hu Nan Association 圣地亚哥湖南同乡会

· Ms. Jing Zeng, 曾晶女士

· Mr. Xiaonan Zhang and Ms. Xiaolan Wu 张小南,吴晓岚伉俪

Ad Sponsors  广告赞助 

· Wei Feng Vocal Studio 冯伟声乐教室/蓝天少儿合唱团

· After School Learning Tree 育才中文学校

· Golden Dragon Chinese Kung-Fu Institute 金龙文武学院

· Feifei Finance 菲菲理财规划

· ACCEF 全美华人文化教育基金会

· Jing Zeng Financial & Insurance Services 曾晶理财保险

· Confucius Institute at SDSU 圣地亚哥州立大学孔子学院

· Hunan Association 湖南同乡会

· Moonlight Dancing Group 月光舞蹈团

· Helen Insurance Agent 姚惠莉保险经纪

· House Of China 中国馆

· Neovision Optometry 同仁眼科视学中心, 俞进医师

· San Diego Chinese Folk Dancing Ensemble (SDCFDE)民族舞蹈团