The Bohua Youth Group is a local music ensemble established in the summer of 2012 that plays traditional Chinese music instruments. The group is made up of 15 students from 6th to 12th grade, many of whom can also play western instruments. They have performed and participated in many community events and productions such as the annual Asian Cultural Festival, Seaworld’s multiple Lunar New Year celebrations, and many more. (You can view all of their upcoming performances in the “performances” tab.) The youth group’s mission is to spread awareness of Chinese culture and music through their performances and to inspire others with their music. Through participating in charity events/performances and independently hosted concerts, the Bohua Youth Group actively assists in building and growing the close-knit community of Chinese cultural appreciation.


President: Ella Yang

Vice President: Elise Zhao


Advisor and Music Director:

Ms. YangChen



Caroline Bao (Flute)

Ella Yang (Erhu, Cello), President

Elise Zhao (Pipa, Percussion), Vice President

Emily Wang (Pipa, Flute)

Eric Wang (Percussion)

Ines Cerf (Pipa), Event Coordinator

Jenina Zhu (Tenor Saxophone, Percussion)

Katina Zhu (Gu Zheng)

Melody Li (Keyboard, Percussion), Media Director

Michelle Cheng (Pipa)

Nicole Chen (Pipa), Treasurer

Sampras Hsu (Erhu), Event Coordinator

Tiffany Wang (Pipa), Historian


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Bohua  Academy Youth Group on The News:

22 Sept 2014:  Chinese Press Website: 博华少年民乐队首次亮相正式公演(图)